Hey Mr Butterfly……

Mr Butterfly was a product of crazy music sessions with my niece’s children Rowan & IMG_3626Libby when I lived in France. Libby and I threw it together in an afternoon after a drowsily hot summer’s stroll. There were so many butterflies, I idly said to Libby, ‘wouldn’t it be great if we had their wings so we could go flying too’, then realising it sounded a bit like some ghoulish character who takes a butterfly and pins it by it’s wings in their butterfly collection book, I quickly added.., ‘but they need them…I just meant have wings like them , not steal their wings!’


This music is best listened too with eyes closed and imagine you’re lying in a meadow on a hot summer drowsy day just listening to all the insects buzzin in the long grass. Ah… childhood memories (which became the reality for that brief time living in France. Oh well….ca va).

I confess I did some coaching to get Libby to do the superstar bit at the end (…’thank you very much…I love you all’). We had a hoot ! ah me happy memory.


2 thoughts on “Hey Mr Butterfly……

  1. Wow thanks Yassy. Done as I was just beginning to get into synthesiser music. I listen to it sometimes & think is as beautiful as my technically more competent later pieces but Libby is soooo cute and is the star!

    You are working your way through my blog!! You get the award of the most views (even though I don’t think you actually follow this blog do you? don’t think so…) I am flattered, thank you


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