a birthday poem

This was written as a birthday poem to someone I knew. Someone whose opinion I’d asked for on an article I’d written as a fledgling blogger. Put my heart & soul into that piece, as you do when you’re trying to craft one of your first public utterances. ‘Does it come across as pretentious’ I asked. He told me in an all-knowing way that ANYONE who writes a blog is pretentious.  Anyway he discarded my poem without thanks having briefly scanned the first few words. It still makes me giggle. 

car-144974_1280A Birthday Poem

(with monitoring by the POETRY POLICE)

they tell me you’ve hit the age of sixty

where the rhyming gets a little tricksy

So forgive me if the poem peters out

into some unfathomable metre, loutish in it’s rambling incoherence,

wandering through an arid desert, words dotted hither and thither

promising some denoument of a kind….

then finally tying together…. the workings of a brilliant mind ??

….. but now fading like some remnant of an oasis ….. a patch of damp in the desert…..then……. nothing…..

For god’s sake man, pull yourself together, it’s this guy’s birthday !

Do Poetry. Now !!!


Happy Birthday!   Welcome to flowering of life.

Celebrate this joyful day with friends, children, and wife.

Sight undimmed, Intellect still incicisive like a knife

slicing through the random chaos of unconnected thought crowding in

on a beleagered mind desperately seeking reason but turning at last

to the beckoning arid desert horizon

until the relentless sun’s fire,  consuming all……

……leaves just the burnished skeleton of…..

STOP THAT… Poetry police…Serious Violation Warning…


Nature dictates. We go through life, metronomes in time

Barely seeing, every step, each enticing sign

‘Step this way’  here’s yet another portal to sublime

Use your age, aquired wisdom, nurture your intention

to step outside the constraints of our one-dimensional

existence. Consistency of practice fundamention

That’s better, I like the cut of your jib m’boy. Knew you could do it.


We’re keeping an eye on that last word though, got our experts looking at it now.


7 thoughts on “a birthday poem

        1. heh heh… there’s an explanation of the antelope on the ‘about’ page of Ulingana.wordpress.com
          this fine fellow was snapped in the South Luangwa game park in Eastern Zambia, and has the perfect attentive expression for the logo I wanted.

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