Lonely-walking on a desert expanse of Norfolk beach, getting my head sand-blasted, wishing it could get inside and scour it clean of the needs that I don’t want to have. Yoga is a very practical method to evolve especially if one uses techniques like Kriya Yoga. But sometimes you have to just scream out to the source of creation, whatever your conception of that is. Help me. Please help me. How can I help myself when I am the problem. Please help me. And the source of creation, whatever that is, helps you.



(or, the trials of being a piscean having not only sun, but moon & mercury in pisces…..  trying to force the pace of my evolution…..   and then the full moon hits…)

Sailing close-hauled off the Isles of Lunacy

in a brisk onshore wind

‘Who Am I ?’

I ask that question with my intellect; the ensuing debate removes the immediacy of attention needed for the helm.

Suddenly those fanged rocks loom terrifyingly close.

But I’m an old hand at this game

and just manage to keep one ear to the message of the wind…… ‘look at me – i am nothing. No Thing. But my nothing destroys cities…’

‘my most dear tony’ the wind says, ‘please stop trying to be anything, just join with me….. and play….’


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