Clouds (or cutting off the branch on which one sits).

This poem turned in to a song (acoustic guitar, also a sampled Chinese Guzheng zither). It’s dedicated to the people responsible for pushing the human race and most other species to their probable demise over the next few centuries. For example, you have to gasp at the audacious logic of lobbying to re-licence neo-nicotinoid chemical sprays to improve Big Agrochem salary bonuses, sorry… crop yields, in the process killing off pollinating bees, thereby stopping much plant life from reproducing, and finding you can’t spend your big bonus because everyone’s dead, including you. Duh.clouds of .......

Clouds of green, vermillion and blue

Guess which planet I’ve gone to

I will not give you any further clue

For I’ve come ‘ere to get away from you.


The music starts with the bustle of life in the city. The musical theme of the song/poem in the middle of the piece, introduces itself as the chime on the clock tower. Then away in the distant spaceport you hear the roar of the spacecraft taking off as the poet departs this planet. The Guzheng zither marks the timeless passage through space……   shortly after arrival at our destination and a nice little song, we start to party…. turns out the residents of the planet are good-time folk…. yippee…

Production by Tony Sugden using Logic Pro.

Acoustic guitar by Tony Sugden




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