The succinct beauty of Japanese poetry

Revisiting some haiku

This is poetry to me !! I wish I could read in Japanese, perhaps there is a further layer of meaning that I miss?

But I like these translations of 17th century poet Matsuo Basho, that I found on a website, translated by Robert Hass. Great translation to my mind as they give me insight.

Will I try to adopt this style? to experiment with writing a haiku poem of my own? I reply with one of my favourites from this collection by the master….. ‘Don’t imitate me; it’s as boring….. as the two halves of a melon’

No! I just stand back and share these as a token of profound admiration. Go to the source attributed above for more.



How admirable!

to see lightning and not think

life is fleeting



A cicada shell;

it sang itself

utterly away



When the winter Chrysanthemums go,

there’s nothing to write about

but radishes



Winter solitude

In a world of one colour

the sound of wind



And then… this… not a haiku, don’t know if there’s a name for the form, from a much later poet who died in the early 20th century.

Yamamura Bocho

‘each of the raindrops has a tale to tell

about the sorrows of people

about the hardships living things go through

about the arrival of sparrows’



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