Out There

out thereOut There…….. ‘Somewhere along one of the spiral arms of the galaxy………

Now that I start to write a SciFi novel, I spend time pondering the possible nature of advanced cultures. Seems eminently reasonable that one such culture may have advanced technology, systems, call it what you will, such that they manage their planet as a global entity, self contained in sustainable resources and their use. Population stabilised through mutual consensus to a level which allows a more than comfortable existence. And advanced systems allow the production of everything the culture needs and wants. So instead of having to work for another’s wealth, and the means to survive (so one can go to work), people can do what they actually want to do! And there’s time to play.

Et voila! what need is there for the concept of ‘ownership’, when everything one needs is there for the taking. It’’s been written before…Ian M. Banks novels of ‘the culture’, or maybe you could see it as a bit like Amsterdam bicycles on a grand scale!

And so to the audio-short-story that follows. The guy who speaks is not coming from some judgemental place…. he’s coming from one such culture described above, so his apparent naïveté when he drops in on a primitive culture derives from just that. He genuinely doesn’t understand!!

‘… the dominant species are bipeds like us…. but they’re poisoning the whole planet …. they’re going to destroy themselves…..the planet will recover in time…  but … there’s these beautiful animals…   beautiful   … lots of them will go…. such a shame.’

now read/listen on:


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