I went to see an amazing bunch of guys from Democratic Republic of Congo recently, at Sadlers Wells in London. African rhythms are something else…I was in seventh heaven listening to those guys, their incredible music skills and just…they were so cool!!

This piece is called Ghost because it uses sampled African drums called ghost drums. Anyway, always wanted to call a song ‘ghost’, it’s a great word. It sounds good when you say it especially if you add just a hint of ‘h’ after the ‘g’…… but it looks good as well…..I mean… it looks ghostly…it’s the ‘gh’ that does it… maybe just the ‘h’…just kind of sneaked into the word …probably through a wall….



2 thoughts on “Ghost

  1. thanks Yassy. is the link to an excerpt for the one published by indie label DeepDownDirty. An excerpt only cos it’s part of an ep with the original and another remix…and the label sells that ep so don’t publish the whole thing.
    That’s only one published so far but they have taken me on as a producer if I come up with more stuff they like! The rest of my music is on soundcloud… Anarkhand is my soundcloud name but you can get to all of it (and a couple of youtube ones) through my wordpress..category ‘music’… glad you like 🙂


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