Chicken ghosts 2…the movie!!!

*** I suggest you read the story in the previous post ‘Chicken ghosts’ first, then the youtube below will make more sense. Well, as much as any of my stuff makes sense. ***

shiny, many buttons... what more could you ask
shiny, many buttons… what more could you ask

You see… it all started when I was playing with my toys. Specifically ‘Sculpture’, one of my favourite synthesizers. I found a way of making it sound like chickens !! Then spent the next ten minutes giggling like a child every time I played it. Well I like chickens. We had them when I was a kid so I stood & watched them often… they sometimes make loud clucking noise, especially when they’ve laid an egg, but when they’re just mooching about they make this peaceful chicken-crooning…that’s what we’ve got here!

Anyway, then a friend inspired me to write a story, and the two things tied together. I wrote the story as it was coming into my head, sitting in the afternoon sunshine. Then put the music together.



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