field mouse

I wrote this when I was staying at an ashram in Wales. A lot of time was spent in meditation… it’s always much easier when you’re surrounded by other people with the same focus, but especially when you have the company, and wisdom, of someone who is living the deep wisdom expressed in the yoga and tantra texts. Such is the ashram director.

So I emerged from an afternoon session, experiencing the stillness which is at the core of my being. Not a stillness as an absence of thought, though there is that. Not a stillness from being quiet for a long time. Stillness as an all-encompassing thing in itself.

That kind of stuff.

As I approached the door to my quarters, walking softly, I saw a movement at the bottom of a bush. Two fieldmice gathering seeds and taking them back into shelter. One of them looked up at me. I’d like to think that it was because I was feeling so in harmony with the world, that it came forward and stood between my legs looking up. Cool.

The cynic might say, well field mouse is very short-sighted… price it pays for having brilliant close up vision. Nah….  I know what was going on…..



Nothing changes,

centre is still.

A field mouse scuttles about

busy with something.




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