Before the universe was, reality is.

AS I’VE SAID before, a great influence in my life was reading the Bhagavad Gita when I was a teenager… 14 or so. Introduced to the possibility of experiencing Reality, rather than having to swallow absurd belief systems.

At the same time I had found a book called ‘The mysterious Universe’ by Sir James Jeans, a one time Astronomer Royal. And science of all kinds became my passion.

Some religions see life as a constantly changing transformation; in that context they see re-incarnation as a very likely event, as nothing can ever be destroyed. Only transformed. Perhaps there is a thread that runs through an individual’s ‘life’ or in that context ‘series of lives’ which is beyond personality. (I’m assuming that ‘personality’ has it’s existence based in the physical matter of complex neurone paths and connexions which die with the body.) So often I wonder if that is why we can get significant guidance from apparently random events in our formative years? Are we continuing some journey which spans over longer periods than a single lifetime?

For sure there is a ‘path’. I am now certain. There’s progress to be made.

To arrive where?

To arrive at a place where understanding is intrinsic, realised, and not based on taught facts.

To arrive at a place where happiness is not followed by tears, because it doesn’t come with a smile necessarily, rather with a profound wonder at the astonishing mystery of the universe and the equally great mystery of our lives within it. Happiness that is rooted in profound admiration of that reality that brings this individual form into being.

Everything is there to give us glimpses, strong hints. And then to reach such a place. But to stay there  ! How many lifetimes of patience, and practice?

SO BACK TO SCIENCE …. Astrophysics and Astronomy, then at the opposite end of the scale, particle and quantum physics show us that the Universe in all it’s manifestations is indeed a slippery fish to catch with the intellect. We form theories, often based on observation, sometimes just brilliant projections of thought. Will it be possible to arrive at a fixed and final understanding? My money would be on …NO! Why. Because as biological brains, we’re a product of one little corner of this vast entity we call the Universe. How can we encompass it with our minds. How can the fish comprehend the entirety of the ocean?With my limited understanding of quantum physics, I note that my presence as an observer changes that part of the universe that I observe anyway. Talk about shifting sands! And in fact Tantric philosophy posits that the Universe is in a state of constant creation from that which is timeless and without form. I like that model.

I live in a world of complete mystery; just as much as I relish the discoveries that are constantly being made, I also love the fact that there is magic.

Before the Universe was, reality is.



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