Freedom (music)

See the post in ‘poetry’  for the context of this song

The music was originally envisaged as a Celtic folk song.

Then I had the opportunity to work with Rajesh David, a singer trained in Classical Indian style, and a voice of incomparable clarity, and rooted in the yogic tradition of music as worship.

So please be patient!! the work is a framework… lattice work full of space to reflect the spaciousness of the interior. A frame for the one line of poetry sung by Rajesh towards the end. And that’s all… I think it has more power that way… see what you think! Enjoy


5 thoughts on “Freedom (music)

    1. Well Rajesh did say he’d enjoyed working together, and what was next…!! So I’m sure there will be more. He has his own site, if you go on youtube and search for Rajesh David you’ll find some of his work, some upanishads set to music, some other works… very beautiful

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  1. The tune in this song has a very unique sense in the aspect of comparison to modern music. I listen to quite a lot of modern songs, but having come across this one… It has kinda like a traditional feel towards it with a beautiful touch of calmness to the mind. Classic Instrumental!

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    1. Thanks Cezane! Yeah it was a real departure for me, this one but I had wanted to create a really spacy piece for ages. Now I’ve done it I see a thousand ways to improve it of course…next one. You could try ‘ghost’ that was inspired more by African savannah and has some great driving rhythm…


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