Musings on a great Christian mystic

JulianaJulian of Norwich, first woman to write a book.  ‘Revelations of divine love’

……    all things that are done, are well done ; for our Lord doth all : 

for in this time the working of creatures was not shewed, but of our Lord God in the creatures ; for he is in the mid point of all things;  and all, he doth. And I am sure that he doth no sin.’

Julian of Norwich, 14th century christian mystic

The church at that time operated , of course, on the (male) clergy holding everyone under the threat of punishment by God for their sins. Sins being defined by those same male clergy, who were really just ‘making stuff up’. Nasty. Who, then, was the sinner?

This lady had experiences, which she wrote of, that were completely counter to the church teachings. Her words are resonant and deeply beautiful. Words borne of that devotion to understanding truth, that crosses boundaries of different religions, philosophy, even the sciences of cosmolgy and the nature of matter.

She is saying there is no sin, because god is within everything that is done, and how can it be possible for god to sin. 

I’m not a christian so the concept of sin is academic to me anyway, but no wonder she pissed them off!! The religious establishment of that time, as now (!) works on making up rules so they can berate you when you break them. And they keep you in thrall to their male dominated brand of ignorance. Who needs prisons and chains when you‘ve got…. Guilt!! Shame on one who would destroy the enquiring life of another through their need to peddle their (almost certainly) wrongly heard and wrongly translated version of what Jesus once said.

Meister Eckhart (12 century Christian mystic)  wrote

“God is infinite in his simplicity and simple in his infinity. Therefore he is everywhere and is everywhere complete. He is everywhere on account of his infinity, and is everywhere complete on account of his simplicity. Only God flows into all things, their very essences. Nothing else flows into something else. God is in the innermost part of each and every thing, only in its innermost part.”

I personally don’t believe you could come up with a statement like that by ‘thinking about stuff’. He can only, in my opinion, have experienced it directly as revelation. Truth.

He was later charged with heresy by the church, when they should have sat at his feet and said, ‘teach us’.

Juliana2Julian also discovered truth through revelation. There’s the heart of the thing. If a wisdom exists, greater than that which even the greatest of minds can conceive (simply because the mind is but a miniscule part of the substance of the universe) then somehow making oneself ‘available’ to that more fundamental wisdom can only come from allowing our very cells and atoms to inform us of the nature of the stuff of creation, the quantum vacuum from whence they spring into existence (to use a concept from quantum theory that says the universe is in a state of constant ‘becoming’) .

Tantric cosmology talks in similar terms to this (the Shakti tattwa corresponds to the quantum vacuum, that field of possibility from which all things manifest, whilst the Shiva tattwa is that ineffable that is behind Awareness, summed up by the statement ‘I am’).  Then the field moves into religion where everything gets more ‘personalised’ and people talk of gods or God. No problem.

I don’t think it matters whether one’s approach is through the quest for understanding (jnana yoga) or through a personalised yearning to be united with the source. Because for some reason, maybe affinity, it feels beautiful. Which in yoga terms is bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion, where most personalised religion like Christianity, lives.

In the same way that the river returns to the ocean simply because that is what it IS, the truth of what we are must be there for awareness to uncover. Not something to be ‘learned’. Not thoughts.

Awareness. Wisdom. Knowing.

I guess this is why those rascals tried to get rid of Julian of Norwich. Because she knew, whereas the religious establishment, the men with the dresses and funny hats, just talked for the sake of self-importance. Oh… and the money of course.


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