This is a reworked reblog of the preamble to one of my bits of music. I realised people going for the music wouldn’t read the story cos it’s quite long, but I like this story, the essence of a very fine dream!!

dreamspace… outer space in inner space… cool

out thereOut There…….. ‘Somewhere along one of the spiral arms of the galaxy………

Not so long ago I had a really super dream, just a one-off.  I was in the dream for days afterwards.

This dream was very clear (though not a ‘lucid’ dream) so I remembered details and still do. A group of us, astronauts, had volunteered for a mission which included the strong possibility that we wouldn’t be able to return to Earth. Something to do with arriving at a place then potentially losing a tenuous navigational link that gave us any possibility to return.

And we lost that link. We sat around in the circular chamber in that way-station and made the decision. Don’t even try to return. We could end up utterly lost. And sad crazy because we search for that which we’ll never find. At least we have the chance to go forward. Give up any idea of seeing our home world ever again. But we’d prepared mentally for the possibility I suppose, so a sense of excitement, elation, at shedding everything one knew.

(This is allegorical isn’t it? For what? … I leave you to fill in the gaps. The dreamer has no rudder, no oars, and is taken where the current wishes.)

And on we went… until we arrived, where we hadn’t known we were going. And hovered in our spacecraft just inside the atmosphere and listened….. music ….coming and going like a poorly tuned radio station, or…. maybe more like music way off when the wind blows, now it’s clear though distant, then the wind changes and now you have to strain your hearing to catch snatches of it.

Then suddenly seeing…coming out above the clouds… the fairground rides which were the origin of the music, way over in the distance. Immense rides. A big wheel slowly bringing it’s occupants above the clouds, then back into them, down towards the obscured surface of the planet. A crazy roller coaster with track careering up then plunging back down until also obscured. Big coloured bubbles floating above it all… maybe space vessels? And all the time the haunting spacey fade-out fade-in music.

Waking up still entranced with the place, remembering for years afterwards as if it was a place I waking visited, sometimes I hear a particular synth sound and think, ‘ah, that’s close to what I heard’.

And still I think, I would so much like to leave this planet, go to that place where people spend their days having fun (though I would want my friends and all like minded people to come with me!!)  …just leave this planet Earth, though I love it,  to those who are hell-bent on destroying it:

depart, and leave this Earth to the people who want to kill other people

to the people who want to hold power, or rule over others

to the people who want to have more possessions while my sisters and brothers starve

to the the people who are capable of hurting children

to the people who have no compassion

to the people who believe that their imagination of God is the Reality

to the people who want to supplant the divinity, at the still centre of my being, with their invented god

those sort of people y’know.  Naive, moi!… yes indeed. I’m sick of politics & economics that are so complex that only the devious of mind can understand and therefore make the rules. And I’m sick of imagined Gods who ‘the believers’ would use to assert themselves over my free will. Give me the fellowship of the naive!

I don’t ask a lot !! 🙂

This dream gave rise to two pieces of music, out there, and maybe indirectly, clouds, which you can hear in the ‘music’ section of this site, if you like synth ambient style (out there) and a synth driven fantasy story with some of my acoustic guitar work (clouds).


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