Inspired by many of your blogs that I read and learn from, or just things you’ve said to me that awaken some memory of an innate knowledge. Isn’t that what all the best teachers do; remind you of what you already know? ****** Are you hiding from me? How do I know you even exist? […]


Jagging and splattering, spitting hissing the rain reminds me, ‘just because yesterday you were spaced out floating on soft autumnal mists dreaming of long journeys to far away friends, don’t go soft on me human. I’ll freeze your marrow come, walk out on the ice, let me show you all my faces as you slowly […]

Pluperfect Fred is Past tense now

The scene: You are a teacher of English as a second language.  You have covered the easier future and past tenses. Your students have already discovered that you’re mad. Now read on….   Pay attention students, for now I shall make sense of that confusing English treat, it’s the pluperfect tense. Not just, ‘over’, ‘done […]