Jagging and splattering, spitting hissing

the rain reminds me, ‘just because yesterday

you were spaced out floating on soft autumnal mists

dreaming of long journeys to far away friends,

don’t go soft on me human. I’ll freeze your marrow

come, walk out on the ice, let me show you

all my faces as you slowly die in wonder.’


Yeah right. Come the day, oh weather god!

They say you would give me a good death?

People are found without any clothes on,

because they’re so cold, they think they’re hot! Cool.


Yesterday I remembered love, sometimes desolate,

incomplete, searching, through no real fault of our own.

Today, reminiscing, ah… don’t forget those days and nights

of breathless delight, between two humans

who knew their place was not in the other’s heart,

for that privilege belongs only to the Goddess of the heart.


So we suspected, even if we didn’t use those words….

instead….quoting Gibran, ‘give your hearts,

but not into each other’s keeping, for only the hand of life…..’

(then ofttimes giving our hearts into each other’s keeping!)


How strange time is. A moment, ‘out of time’


Turning to face one another

in a warm insect buzzin’ summer meadow,

delight in another’s touch, twinkle in another’s eyes,

in an utterly unimportant moment, this is all there is.


Where’s this going?

Nowhere, how delightful. Nowhere at all, it’s got there!

In a warm insect buzzin’ summer meadow where

there’s absolutely nothing but your hair falling in my face

as your smiling mischievous eyes come closer,

to consume my time, so it is no more.


And it is no more.

The soft hair becomes icicles

and I lie naked under the stars in a cold place,

losing sense and self, in awe.


4 thoughts on “icefields

  1. Thanks Yassy! I’m trying to do my music…get this piece finished, and I keep getting poems in my inbox so I have to read then it wakes the muse and… blah blah blah… Full Moon!! that’s what it is!


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