Preview: a sci-fi taster chapter

…and more to come I am taking a break from blogging. I won’t be publishing BUT ALSO I won’t be taking time out to read the work of others, and comment when I have something to say, often in my outspoken way. I have to focus on projects that are getting pushed into the background. […]

Sufi poems of love, sung by Rajesh

Here a poem by Sufi Poet Amir Khusro (1253 – 1325) Oh Khusrau, the river of love Runs in strange directions. One who jumps into it drowns, And one who drowns, gets across. A post I did here a while back, ‘Freedom‘, was a song I composed as a framework for the voice of Rajesh […]

The strange case of the ZLD music lovers a concert or opera, if people want to cough they save it up wherever possible until a break. Then everyone lets rip. Cough cough cough…… sounds like a mafiosi vendetta killing spree. Anyway, then the machine guns go back into the violin cases, a few last minute barks from small calibre weapons, maybe a beretta pistol or two, then silence as the violinists raise their bows and the next piece starts

nihilism for beginners

I’ve been thinking about a post by Shruti Bakshi, someone whose posts I enjoy reading for their understated wisdom and quiet non-extravagant explanations of this beautiful path of yoga. She talks of all yoga ‘paths’ (bhakti… worship, jnana … seeking through intellect, karma..surrender of the fruits of action etc) being essentially all aspects of the path […]