Mango Mango

Mangos. On a tree. A mango tree.
Mangos. On a tree. A mango tree.

So you want to learn to tango?   (di dum duuuum dum)

It isn’t very hard to do. (daaa um)

First you’re going to need a mango. (etc)

Or similar soft fruit.


Now you may think that it’s not important

what use is fruit when feet feel dead?

but tango’s essence is grace and deportment,

So tango mango’s balanced on your head…DA DA DA

Good. Hope that’s clear now. This musical idea has been in my head for a while. Take standard tango musical clichés and throw them into a trancey sort of environment. Give it some time to play around… then get it kicking. I guess it should be possible to dance tango to this, if you’re on drugs. (There is a genre of tango called ‘narco tango’. Probably for people with a predilection for something that’s going to make you move it, move it… with vigour, determination and a certain amount of….  intensity …. gives a whole new meaning to ‘line dancing’ eh?)

Ok, here’s the tune. I love piano (usually used in tango anyway) so here I use a Steinway sampled piano.  Bass is what’s called ‘frequency modulation’ synth sound… lovely clunky clunk…very dated, but I never tire of it. The drum track and the resonant in yer head bells in the second half are a product of a delightful synth, named by it’s designers ‘Alchemy’. Cool.

Best is with good headphones, or a nice sound system. Don’t play it on tinny little speakers on your computer. It needs to get in there and resonate.This is not ‘music to meditate by’ (though I suspect I’d have a lucrative byline putting whale noises to synth pad sounds… you know the stuff…just sit with your fingers on one key for half an hour whoosh whoosh bleep bleep nice noise…bingo…fifty pounds) . It’s not that. This is really not very relaxing at all.

‘ere we go….. (anarkhand is my musical name btw)


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