now for something different…..

new life for an old dog….

So sorry that I have been out of circulation for over 4 months now. I know there are some people who have been kind enough to follow my crazy stories & poetry and I followed yours, adding my comments and likes.

Mandala ashram, part of the grounds

I have been in Africa, then on my return I moved into a Yoga ashram, where I now live. So I won’t have time to return to WordPress as an active participant. Why not? Because life here is so busy!! I’m basically a servant of the ashram. We’re well known throughout Europe and run courses on many aspects of yoga, with tutelage usually by people I consider to be great yogis. Swami Nischalananda Saraswati, the ashram director, is accorded the title ‘Master of Yoga’ by his teacher’s successor in Bihar, India. To be in his company is itself an opportunity to progress spiritually. So we have opportunity to progress in meditation and various aspects of yoga; an intensive course that doesn’t stop after the week, or weekend, or whatever.

But in return it is considered a privilege to serve the ashram, not just to say ‘thanks for the opportunity’ but actually as part of yogic practice. To work selflessly, just putting one’s heart into what one is doing, is a great discipline that removes you from pavlovian task-and-reward mentality. You can start to appreciate all your faculties; physical, senses, intellect. If that ‘seva’  (selfless work) is of help to our fellow humans in some way then I think we are doubly blessed.

Swami Nishchalananda

So occasionally I will post, even if just because this is my ‘diary’ where I record stuff. The fact that others started liking & following was nice, but I felt the need to follow back, and participate in your blogs, and that was such a pleasure but almost became a full time job!! And now I haven’t got time to do that. So if you still find my posts interesting, then I’ll be writing occasionally  and I’ll respond to comments with great pleasure. I  feel like I’m being selfish!! but I don’t want to lose you all… Yassy, and Shruti, and Anam, Aqsa, Shiva, and everyone. So please please forgive me but now I must make myself available to spirituality as my priority. I’m old!!! I have to get a wiggle on before I fall off my perch.

Already it yields fruit. When I came, Swamiji said to me ‘may your heart sing’. And slowly, my heart begins to sing. Simple recognition of Life itself is enough to uncover the joy that is the natural state of the heart, but it’s easy to turn one’s back and repeatedly look for joy in things that change and finish. Those things are great, don’t get me wrong! just that…. find your joy first.

spaciousness… looking from the ashram to the Brecon Beacons… spaciousness can be within also…….

7 thoughts on “now for something different…..

    1. Yassy!! Cool… I will try and find time to play catch up with your beautiful poetry. Got some of it in Africa though rarely time or internet to reply. Here it’s just time. Great to hear from you x

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  1. So touched to see my name in this post Tony! Have been wondering how you’re doing. So glad to hear you’ve taken this big and wonderful step to be in the ashram. Will be reading what you write from there and of course understand about the focus you need to maintain on your path – one-pointedness after all makes the quickest way to any destination (and then again it is not really a path because we are already It- just need to recognise our natural state of joy). May Grace be with you.


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