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My background is in Microbiology originally. Bacteriology, virology, immunology. So when I hear the glib words of the Governments and their ‘Scientific advisors’ I want to know the evidence for what they are saying, which is having such a profound effect on our world.

It’s been a year of digging and trying to get some sense from what’s out there on the internet. One thing becomes clear; many serious researchers and people eminent in the field of virology and immunology or integrated bioscience are speaking out against the established narrative of people like Fauci, Whitty, etc, then suddenly they are being discredited and their stuff taken off youtube and social media. This is highly suspicious, especially if you then research the ‘dirt’ that is being raised against them. I leave you to do your own research if you care about future liberty and if you care about your own health enough to find out if the treatment is part of the problem?


I’m afraid. I’m afraid that the world is going down the pan, led by people who are either incredibly stupid, or more likely, not at all dedicated to the common good.

If we don’t collectively get a grip on the current situation we will have lost so much personal freedom that we will look back on the last decades as a halcyon era now lost to dreams and memories. That’s what I think. I’m just an average person; I’m not crazy and I don’t have delusions that I’m a visionary.

Can we have some sanity please? Or are we willing to throw away our personal freedoms, such as they are, without bothering to question those who are stifling all dissent.

I don’t mean, can my opinion prevail,
but just….. can we please stop stifling scientific debate
on the subject of how to handle a respiratory infection.

I’m not a ‘covid denial person’ or an ‘anti-vaxer’
or any other of these alarmingly Third Reich derogatory put-downs.
I’m someone with a Bioscience background who cares about my health.

I am alarmed, to put it mildly, by how beautiful scientific thought and exploration
has been hijacked by a few people
who, in the name of ‘Science’, are pursuing their own agenda.

I don’t know what their agenda is, how could I?
Just even to speculate and you’re branded as a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

They have the ears of Governments, of that there is no doubt, otherwise
how else would we be in this awful mess.

If you disagree with them with a loud enough voice, or you are one
that has sufficient gravitas to be noticed you WILL (without any doubt)

– have your posts removed from social media
– have your work discredited
– have research grants suspended or removed
– be censured by academic authorities (who pays THEIR salaries?)

then if that wasn’t enough

– you’ll be vilified and insulted in the most abusive language by people with no idea of what you’re talking about (so who set them up to that??)

Isn’t that what happened in the Third Reich?
(Remember the Nuremberg Trials that said never again would medics be allowed to perform medical experiments on human guinea pigs? Did you know that none of the vaccines you’re being given have passed beyond the experimental, trial, stage? They have not been properly tested. Why is this kept quiet?)

Nobody will engage in Scientific Debate with some of the finest minds
in Immunology, Virology, Epidemiology and associated studies,
who have chosen to disagree with the current narrative.

I would ask ‘WHAT IS GOING ON’
but you wouldn’t be able to tell me, or if you were in a position to tell me,
why would you tell me the truth when you haven’t to anyone else?

Here are two of the best sites that I’ve found so far – you can look at them and then make your own judgement… are these people charlatans, conspiracy theorists, unqualified to express valid opinion compared with the administrators who profess sufficient medical knowledge to dictate to doctors how they should treat their patients? Of special note is the TWO AND A HALF HOUR (!!) video on eminent cardiologist Dr Richard Fleming’s website. Check out his CV but best of all, look at his depth of research and backing up of what he says by his large volume clinical trials of treatment protocols, and his unbiased exploration of available research papers. You may be excited by his remarkable (for a measured academic) conclusions about the way forward. item on front page ‘A 2-½ hour masterclass on Covid….’ assuming Youtube hasn’t taken it down.
Also this rational and knowlegeable series of posts by a Swedish doctor

If there isn’t a conspiracy, then
Please let us wake up and ask questions like….
what evidence is there of the value in wearing face masks?
why has the policy of ‘lockdown’ been adopted for the first time in epidemiological history without any evidence that it is an effective strategy?
Why are clinical trials showing effective treatment for Covid illness being ignored in favour of experimental vaccines.
Why does the medical profession believe that the use of vaccines still in the experimental phase is adhering to the Doctors code ‘First do no Harm’? See Footnotes on the Nuremberg directive below.
Why do we believe that politicians have any idea what they are doing?

If there is a conspiracy, then heaven help the conspirators.
Who would want that kind of karma?


Please read these items from the NUREMBERG CODE (DIRECTIVES FOR HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION) which were engraved into human history after the horrors of Nazi Germany’s medical experimentation on their prisoners.

  1. ….
  2. …..
  3. …..
  4. No experiment should be conducted where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur; except, perhaps, in those experiments where the experimental physicians also serve as subjects.
  5. The degree of risk to be taken should never exceed that determined by the humanitarian importance of the problem to be solved by the experiment.
  6. Proper preparations should be made and adequate facilities provided to protect the experimental subject against even remote possibilities of injury disability or death.
  7. …etc

The full Code can be found here:

Again, I remind you that ALL the vaccines are available under cobbled-together emergency legislation which allows vaccines that are still in the experimental phase to be used as if they were an approved medicine. People receiving the vaccines are not informed that they are experimental subjects. They believe that they are receiving bona fide treatment from medical professionals.
(This will change however as Big Pharma has gained so much momentum in this situation that they can easily circumvent the usual years-long trials preceding the approval of a new medicine, even when they involve methods which interfere with our genetic material.)

Please note point (7) with regard to statements made by the likes of Boris Johnson, who is currently the Prime Minister of the U.K. (and as far as I know, not a medical doctor, nor, apparently, an expert on the Nuremberg Directives). He has stated that the risks of death through blood clotting are far outweighed by the benefits of the vaccine to the vast majority. Try telling that to that one-in-a-million person who is about to die from blood clotting complications! These risks have been shown to exist in the Astra Zeneca vaccine and admitted to be due to the vaccine. These views on ‘acceptable risk’ have been echoed by the Media as coming from the ‘Medical Profession’. But hey, THIS IS DIRECT CONTRAVENTION OF THE NUREMBERG CODE.

Are you scared yet? You should be.


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